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About THE Group LLC

THE Group, LLC is a small business providing results-oriented Information Technology solutions for the Federal Government. For over 7 years we have engineered new systems from the ground-up and redesigned existing deficient systems for our valued customers. By combining custom development, systems architecture and implementation expertise, THE Group delivers flexible, robust, innovative solutions in the areas of data integration/migration, database modeling, information access, geospatial interfacing, and business intelligence, whenever and wherever it is needed. THE Group also provides full systems development life cycle support, as well as security assessment support. Our staff have worked closely with our valued customers to consistently provide an effective project and program management framework, ensuring timely deliverables that meet or exceed functional and budgetary requirements.

Our Clients


Our Expertise

Business Intelligence

We can help you organize your data to support your mission-critical goals and help your organization run smoothly using BI approaches that optimally exploit and "drill down" into your business information . Our BI solutions will effectively support your primary missions, improve decision-making, cut costs, and help identify new business opportunities.

Application Development
and Support

Our application development is top of the class. We use technologies and developmental methodologies that allow us create powerful, efficient, and reliable applications, along with effective continuous maintenance. Our approach follows best development and management practices, which allows for highly successful implementations of robust, user-friendly applications.


We can help you to refine, validate, and publish your geospatial data. Your organization can effectively exploit information identifying the geographic location and characteristics of natural/political/cultural features and boundaries. We can also help you address mission-related questions for which you never considered leveraging geospatial approaches.

Database Warehousing

We can help you organize and analyze your data and create well-tuned data models so you can focus more on your primary business functions. We can also help you maintain historical records using state-of-the-art approaches and technology.

Website Development

Leveraging our experience creating websites for clients, we can design powerful website solutions for your organization or business. We have experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as designing and supporting content management solutions like Drupal and WordPress.

Data Manipulation

Our SQL experts will help you manipulate and maintain your data holdings so you can effortlessly exploit and get the most value from your organization's critical business information.

Why Choose THE Group?

By choosing THE Group for your systems and database development needs, you are assured of receiving high quality products and services that are requirements-driven, streamlined, and cost-effective, along with having the care of a small business. Through our years of contracting success, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the best products and services.

By placing the focus squarely on content and functional requirements as well as scaleability and cost-effectiveness, THE Group has successfully implemented both medium and small-scale systems and databases for federal clients. Working in partnership with other large and small businesses, THE Group has leveraged its expertise in system architecture, database development, data warehousing, data modeling, data migration, business intelligence, and dashboarding to help clients achieve mission-critical goals and deliver the greatest value to their respective stakeholders.

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